Lone Wolf Custom Barrel Porting: 6 Port, 2 Port External/4 Port Internal





* Lone Wolf Distributors porting delivers Optimum performance in muzzle control.
* This 2 port system positively improves your ability to keep on target during rapid fire by redirecting the gases upward thereby forcing the muzzle down keeping you "on target".
* Custom 2 port external (outside the length of the slide) barrel porting with 4 ports internally.
* Ports are EDM cut for precision and a nice clean look.

* Glock 34 & 35 w/ 6" barrel
* LWD-21T Barrels
* Porting can take up to 3 weeks.
* We only offer this service on Glock pistols

We do not accept Glock OEM slides or barrels for porting:
* An unacceptable percentage of factory slides & barrels have been noted to contain bits of carbon.
* During the porting process, an electrode could come into contact with this carbon and blow out the port.
* LWD Stainless steel barrels or slides are not subject to carbon blow outs.

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