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See details Cass Creek Mega Amp Electronic Coyote Call CC-416 - CC 416
SKU: MOT-501416

The Mega Amp from Cass Creek bust through wind to bring in the big game-what every hunter wants from their stand alone, handheld game call. Louder than the Amplifier series, the enhanced speaker system really brings in the...

Our Price : US$ 39.34

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See details Duck Commander Cold Blood Copperhead Call DC-CALL-CBCOPPER
SKU: MOT-506850

Duck Commander Cold Blood Copperhead Call.

Our Price : US$ 163.24

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See details Duck Commander Coldblood Diamond Back Call DC-CALL-CBDIAMOND
SKU: MOT-506867

Duck Commander Coldblood Diamond Back Call.

Our Price : US$ 126.36

Expected availability: 24-Jun-2018
Sorry we don't take pre-orders.

Quantity: Out of stock

See details Duck Commander Coldblood Gator Call DC-CALL-CBGATOR
SKU: MOT-506881

Duck Commander Coldblood Gator Call.

Our Price : US$ 153.10

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See details Duel Doe Next Door-Micro Heat Bleat Call-Breakup Country - D002M
SKU: MOT-1109105

You may not realize it, but does actually make a lot of noises, including grunts. The bleat is unmistakeable. Generally lasting a few seconds, the doe bleat makes it clear: She's ready to go. Make either estrous bleats or ...

Our Price : US$ 24.98

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See details Duel Doubleback Grunt Call - Black - D004
SKU: MOT-1109106

What's the secret of a successful big buck hunt. Bringing him in close enough to get the shot. With Dual Chamber technology, you'll be in the stand sounding authentic - and with the Double Back, you don't have to worry abo...

Our Price : US$ 19.57

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See details Duel Doubleback Grunt Call - Mossy Oak - D004M
SKU: MOT-1109107

Whitetail Success. Now in Mossy Oak. Like most men; big, mature bucks don't talk a lot. Bucks tend to communicate with just a few different sounds. A low, drawn out challenge will let other bucks know they're in for a figh...

Our Price : US$ 25.53

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See details Duel Top Dog Dual Reed Howler - Double Reed Howler - P011
SKU: MOT-1109110

Nothing fools a coyote better than an emotional call. You just can't get emotion with an electronic call. That's why veteran predator callers use hand calls. And, nothing sounds as real as a DUEL Predator Call with Dual Ch...

Our Price : US$ 21.20

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See details Duel-The Rut Pack II - Doubleback & Heat Bleat - Black - D005
SKU: MOT-1109108

Together, the Stretchback Grunt Call and Micro Heat Bleat Call, by Duel Gamecalls, allow you to make every deer vocalization. This package includes: The Duel Stretchback Grunt Call and the Duel Micro Heat Bleat Call. Duel'...

Our Price : US$ 32.65

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